Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Catch up

I was politely informed today by Gabi that I haven't posted in awhile. "What's going on?" Thanks for kicking me in the butt - I needed it.

I have some great shots of hiking and waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge. We went hiking and visited a bunch of waterfalls, including the original waterfall Ray and I saw 9 years ago. I posted the pics and later I'll give a good breakdown when I have some time.

Weather has been great. No humidity. 70's. Skies with no clouds. It does get a little chilly in the morning - 40-50s. So there is like a 30 degree temperature swing.

I haven't raced yet... sounds strange but after injuring my back I basically had to start all over. My total mileage for April was 38 miles. I've started by commuting one-way to work now (19 miles) and driving the other way back home. That at least gets me riding everyday. 152 miles in May so far for 10 days. Plus I think the 40 miles a day taking me 3 hours was just too damn much time... But I have to tell you - there are a LOT of bikers out here. It's pretty cool. You can't go more than 2-3 minutes either by back or car without seeing someone riding a bicycle. I'm looking forward to checking out the racing scene.

It's cool to see the WORS series has started back up. I see Ryan went Clydesdale. Come on Ryan! Sum-bitch. I do miss the races and hanging out on a nice day, grilling out, camping, socializing, riding and of course - the hazing, teasing and cajoling. Ryan with the "F--- this shit!" or Ray with "That sun feels good" or Butch with "?" - well he doesn't have a saying - but he'll have his lawn mowed, driveway sealed and a new foundation put on the house before you get out of bed - what'd you do today? Hope you guys are having fun!

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