Monday, May 22, 2006

Rear Window

After 3 weeks of great weather it finally decided to rain. Lightening is something that doesn't occur here very much and the storms last night had quite a bit of it. Reminded me of an old Midwest storm. Rain forecasted all week. We'll see how that pans out. Definately hard to keep motivated to ride 20 miles in the rain - at least it will be in the high 60s.

Not much happened this weekend. Went out to eat at Pambiche again on Friday. Although the Cuban food is good it's hard to have a conversation. The tables are packed so tight because they really need more space. By 6:30 pm the line was starting to form for a table. I don't think we'll be coming back for awhile. At least until they expand which I did overhear a waitress mention. Saturday was errand day. Made in Oregon [Mother's day and gifts for Mom for next weekend], Powell's Books, a lunch stop at Good Dog Bad Dog [not bad but the fixings weren't that good... not sure where you get a Chicago dog around here - maybe the ballpark], Walgreens and finally New Season's. Heidi made some good carrot cake cupcakes. I can't keep myself from eating them - especially with the cream cheese frosting. Sunday we went down to Rickreal [near Salem] to have brunch at a winery, Eola Hills Winery, with Heidi's parents. There are alot of winery's here. Going to go on a bike ride wine tour in August. Food was excellent, especially the eggs benedict. Winery had ostriches behind it - I'm assuming for some farm purpose. Finished up the Soprano's season 2, almost done with In Living Color. Watched Rear Window on Sunday night - what a great old movie - I'd watched it once before but forgot the plot.

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