Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Eve 2006

We took it easy this new years' and stayed at home since we were heading up to the mountain the next day.  When I stay at home for New Years Eve I like to cook a nice dinner.  We picked up some steaks and lobster tail and I got ready to work my magic in the kitchen.

New Years Eve dinner 2006 - before cooking

I put on the chef hat and made some mashed potatoes and caramelized mushrooms to go with the grilled steak and lobster.  We popped open a bottle of champagne and had ourselves a little candlite dinner.

New Years Eve dinner 2006 - after cooking

My Dad is a New Year's day baby.  So I often like to spend time with him gaming and wish him a happy birthday.  We hooked up over Ventrilo for a couple of hours and did some Titan Quest after dinner.

He got offline about 10 minutes before midnight CST and so we watched some tv to celebrate the new years in my old time zone.  We still had a couple of hours before the PST new years so we popped in Miracle on 34th Street (1947); what a great movie, watched the ball drop at midnight on tv and then I called Ray to wish him a happy new years too...

Hope you had a great new years!


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