Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So I woke up this morning to snow in Portland.  I figured, no big deal.  Heidi asked me to drive her into work.  No problem I said with a little chest puffing out... I'll show these Portlanders how to drive in snow.  :)


Well the trip to Heidi's office takes about 10 minutes.  So 20 minutes round trip.  It took me 1 hour 15 minutes today!  Not that my truck couldn't handle it but all the traffic out there.

Any little snow really brings this city to its knees.  I saw 3 Metro buses, a recycling truck and a delivery truck all stuck in the same spot.  Trying to go uphill.  I saw multiple cars skid backwards and go sideways.  Only the vehicles with 4 wheel drive are able to navigate. 

Also, the big thing around here are tire chains.  I did see a few cars and even a truck with chains on.

And there's no snow plows whatsoever... so all the snow just builds up.  It's been snowing since 5am according to the news.  When I took Heidi to work we had about 2 inches of snow and now that I'm home it looks closer to 3 and it's still snowing...

I'm not even bothering to try and get to work.  I'd make it fine but traffic would take me hours upon hours to get there.  I also see on the news right now that both I-5 and I-84 are completely blocked!

Time to build a snowman!


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