Sunday, February 11, 2007


Sorry it's been awhile since I posted.  Just got back from Arizona.  Part business, part pleasure.  Heidi and I were planning a nice weekend at the Oregon coast to celebrate our having lived together for 1 year since I moved out from Milwaukee, WI.  At the same time at work I got elected to go to some Visual Studio Team System Deep Dive training in Phoenix, AZ.  So we thought... why not make it a long weekend in Arizona?

View off the back porch in Prescott

Unbeknownst to Heidi, I secretly have been planning to ask her to marry me and decided that would be a great weekend to do it.  1 year since making the big move and living together for a year.

Soaking up some sun...

So on Friday after we arrived, we drove up to Prescott where I was able to find a nice house to rent for the weekend.  It was on a golf course but this is their off season (I'm not a golfer).  I wanted a place with a fireplace, a nice hot tub, and an HDTV.  Because of the time of year, everything in Phoenix was like $350+ per night and that was for just a simple hotel room.  So for $200 a night we got this whole executive house with a great master bedroom and bath, a gas fireplace, HDTV, full kitchen with marble counter top and great views.

We picked up some groceries in town and I cooked up a steak and lobster with mashed taters, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and spinach (which we would later forget and leave sitting on the counter - my Mom would be tsk tsk'ing us for not having vegetables).

And right before dinner I got down on one knee and asked...  she said yes!

Being a hambone after cooking a romantic dinner.
The big smile right after I asked her!  See the ring?

I'm not into shopping for jewelry.  Even buying the stuff I can count on one hand.  There's this cool jewelry shop in downtown Portland called Maloy's that only sells vintage jewelry and diamonds.  So the diamond Heidi has is from like 1920, custom cut by a tradesman (not laser cut in some mfg plant), and because its vintage its environmentally friendly.

Enjoying a relaxing bath without having your knees stick out.


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