Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rockstar Supernova Returns - so what?

Over the summer I got hooked by Heidi into watching Rockstar Supernova.  Storm Large who is from Portland was why.  So we found out via a friend that Storm was coming to play in town at her old hang out Dante's, a local bar and venue that hosts quite a few bands.  I guess back in the day, Storm used to play here every Wednesday night, even in her PJ's when she felt like it according to Heidi.

So Storm was coming to play under a secret band name called, Strokejob - tickets $15.  Reason she was in town was because Supernova was playing at the Coliseum.  So let's skip Supernova and check her out.

We started off with some dinner at this Greek restaurant called Alexis.  I'm amazed at the differences between Greek and Italian food seeing as they are so close to one another.  The food was great.  Plus they had a belly dancer.  What more could you ask for.  Some old memories of belly dancers tell me I think I was here 9 years ago when Ray and I visited Jen but I'm not quite sure...

Dinner at Alexis
Dinner at Alexis (Greek)

Back across the street at Dante's the show was sold out.  Glad we got tickets.  Storm put on a pretty good show.  Not really rock n' roll but she has a great voice.  Nice tattoo's too.  Unfortunately most of her songs are covers or variations of covers where she sings the lyrics to one song over the music of another.  It was cool seeing Magni, Toby and Dilana from the T.V. show there is well.  Heidi got a picture with Toby and the venue was soo small.  Only like 100 people or so could fit in their so it was pretty cool.

Inside of Dante's
Inside of Dante's (everything's in red)

The star of the show though for me was the 2nd band that opened up called Kleveland.  So good I picked up their CD.  Real rock n' roll.  3 people.  Chick on vocals and lead guitar, and 2 guys on bass and drums.  She rocked.  A mix of Joan Jett and the singer from the Pretender's.  Cool.  I know you would've appreciated it Ray...


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