Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence Day

Get up late.  11am.  Out the door and on the Eastbank Esplanade at 1pm.  2nd ride this year for Heidi.  10 miles.  1 hour.  Hot day.  Home, shower, eat, relax, and then on the bus to the Blues Fest by 4:30pm.  Good music.  Ok food.  Bad beer.  Miller only (why?).  Stay for fireworks.  Not bad.  Wait over 1 hour for bus to get home.  The #54 passes our stop because it's crammed full.  We make it on the #56.  It has to pass up 2 stops full of people because we were the last ones allowed on.  Full.  What's up with that Trimet?  Heidi promises next year we'll ride bikes down.  While we wait get to meet some interesting people.  Guy born in Iran, made into Iraqi citizen but says he's from Israel. (is he clear on this?)  Watch a vocal shouting match ensue between 2 American Indian girls, talking and looking like there from the South side of Chicaho, and a handicap woman over her complaint of their smoking - a Portland man comes to her defense - kinda.  He would like them to stop with the foul language in front of his daughter.  A drunk nineteen year old girl holds up a 12 inch American flag to cars passing by.  Eventually she and her 2 friends grow tired of waiting and call friends for a pickup.  As I sit and contemplate how it sucked to wait for the bus (I could've drove, should've rode my bike etc...), I realize that the best parts of life are happening here in front of me.  Meeting new people and experiencing life.

We look down on the blues fest from the Hawthorne bridge.


Boats in the Willamette River in front of the festival.


It wouldn't be Portland if there wasn't some political statement to make.


Always a Starbucks in sight - even on a hot day and look at the line!


Yoga?  At a Blues Festival?


This guy rocked.  Sean Carney Band.


Getting crowded on the other side of the festival.


What a great harmonica player.  Mike Tracy.  Kept calling himself a nobody from Eugene.  Very impressive.  How about the pants on the guitarist?


Tugboat moves the fireworks barge into place on the river.


Not sure what they raised the bridge for.  It is cool to see it happen though.




Happy 4th.  Later.

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