Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oregon Beach Reconnaissance


Part 1 - Eugene, Florence & Yachats

After a Friday night at the 20th Oregon Brewfest we got a late start getting to the beach on Saturday.  We've been wanting to do some recon on the houses we're renting for the party in September.  Another excuse to go was that Zach (Coin of the Realm) was playing at the Drift Inn again Saturday night in Yachats.  We didn't get to the beach until 4 PM; a 2 hour drive to Eugene where we stopped and had lunch with Olivia, then a 1 hour drive from Eugene to Florence. 

Florence has some great sand dunes.  Need to check this out someday.  They've got ATV and dune buggy rentals or you can even try sand boarding.  After we checked into the B&B, we opted for walking over 1 large dune and laying on the beach which was surprisingly warm.  Make that hot (seemed alot hotter than 74).



After that we headed to Drift Inn for some music and food.  Ate way too much again here... again.  Can't go wrong with the Marionberry cobbler al a mode.

We gorged again in the morning with the 5 course breakfastEdwin K B&B.  Great food.  Decor a little girlyish (example: note the teddy bear below).  Great storytelling from Marv.  Interesting bathroom with no door.  Nice showerhead and whirlpool.


Part 2 - Netarts

The drive from Florence to Netarts is mostly highway 101.  This is a national scenic route and I can't stop saying enough about how great the coast drive is.  It gets even better when you drive off 101 and head towards Netarts.

We came across a deer in the middle of the road in Netarts Bay.

The 3 houses are right next to each other and right up on the beach.  Here's the view of the houses from the beach.


Looks like there's going to be plenty of parking and the houses themselves are actually on pylons.


The houses are right at the mouth of Netarts Bay.  Here's a look west to the Pacific Ocean.


And a little 360 degree video (the wind was strong that day)

A small 1/4 mile walk up the beach you can see Three Arch Rocks.


People were flying kites...


And boogie boarding


We came across multiple fire pits along the beach and I've yet to do this so I'm looking forward to a nice beach bonfire that weekend.  You'll also find a stream coming straight out of the side of the mountain and onto the beach.

I think we're going to have a good time that weekend.

Part 3 - Netarts to Portland

On our way home to Portland.  The final leg of this journey, we stopped in Tillamook and picked up some smoked salmon and beef jerky at Debbie D's.  You can stop here as well (or during the weekend since Tillamook is only 8 mi / 14 min away).



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