Sunday, August 12, 2007

What did I do this weekend?

Another weekend passes.  Strange how you have all these plans to get things done and end up asking yourself on Sunday night, "What did I do this weekend?".

Friday Heidi and I got our marriage license.  Afterwards we stopped at Lucky Lab.  Good brew.  Cheap and moderately good eats.  Drinking beer and eating food on the dog friendly back patio of the old sheetmetal warehouse was cozy.  Afterwards as Heidi met up with her friend Cassandra, I drove back to into work thinking I might be able to help finalize the release.  Guess it was easier to help by phone.  Just missing the announcement by 1/2 hour and no one there I drank a beer in an empty, partially sunlit office and then left.

Saturday brought meal planning and a trip to New Seasons.  Hopefully we can stick with the plan.  After a nap, it was mow the lawn, increase the size of the fire pit, and finish setting up the new WRT350N router.  Interesting to see how the remote attached storage, FTP, and media streaming works out.  It states, "And you can get to your files from anywhere in the world through the Internet", but I think that just means access via FTP.  After dinner by the fire I saw an awesome streak of a meteor, from the Perseid meteor shower, including a vapor trail across the night sky.  Weird that being only 5 minutes from downtown and you can still see stars. Best viewing is supposed to be tonight.

Today we were up early for the Bridge Pedal.  It still amazes me that this city closes down expressways for bicycles; 20,000 of them.  Both the 405 and I-5 bridges close so that we can ride over them.  We did the 24 mile, 8 bridge.  I'm hoping to do the 10 bridge next year.  Perhaps on a tandem.  Heidi did well without much training; riding downtown this time (finally!) and almost making it back home.  She had to stop on the climb up Terwilliger whilst I quickly pedaled home to get the truck and come back and get her.  Not bad though for 30 miles and probably around 2000 feet of climbing for someone who never rides.

After the bridge pedal we hung around the Bite of Oregon for a couple of hours.  Picked up a couple of CD from two good bands and sipped down a couple beers.

So the question is, is it going to be a keg of Hefeweizen or Okto for the Beach Weekend?


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