Thursday, August 30, 2007

Weekend Cocktails

Here's what we got cooking:

  • Case (11 we drank 1!) of Barbera from Remy Wines (pronounced like Hanna-Barbera)
  • 1/2 Case (6) of Sangiovese from Remy Wines
  • 1/2 Case of Pinot Noir (Oregon grape!)
  • 1/2 Case of Pinot Gris
  • 2 Cases of Prosecco (better than Champagne) for toasts, Mimosa's and Belini's!
  • 1 keg of Widmer Hefeweizen

That's it!  You'll notice there's no hard liquor.  So if you are a mixed drink, hard alcohol junkie, feel free to bring you own bottle.  I'm also not sure what we're doing yet for soda's - so make sure you bring your mixer.  I know my friends and I will be purchasing some bottles of all sorts of local brew for sampling so you won't be alone.  The above is just some stuff we love and wanted to make sure our friends and family could taste!

We had to try the Barbera from Remy Wine last night.  This was our favorite from the wine tour we went on during Memorial Day Weekend.

Remy wines

Heidi calls it a 'big red'.  My Neanderthal, beer drinking self just calls it real real good.  It's like no other red wine I've tasted and it's damn good!

Remy Wines

I think that's a picture of her on the wine bottle?  She's a private wine maker that makes small batches.  She also uses a glass cork.  Better for the environment, not only available from Portugal (current cork bark), etc.  And that's what Oregonians like.

Glass Cork


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