Saturday, September 15, 2007

Train Ride

Yesterday was a long day.  We rode from Vienna to Baden-Baden.  11 Hours door-to-door but went from the far side of Austria to the opposite side of Germany.  The trains are super fast though going close to 200km/hour.  We made fast time and it wasn't like US trains.  We sat comfortably and drank beer and ate food.

Baden-Baden is an old small town with cobblestone streets and old buildings.  Once we arrived around 8pm we showered then went out for dinner and strolled through the pedestrian only streets.

The Internet has been elusive here.  I had to pay 8 Euro just to use 1 hour of WiFi here at the Hotel am Makt.  I have many pictures and would love to intersperse them through my posts but don't have the time nor bandwidth.

Today we have plans to spend a few hours in a Roman bath.  It should be interesting.

Tomorrow we head to Rothenburg for a few days.


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