Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vacation: Day 2, Sunday Sep 2

Ray and Ryan flew into PDX at 11:00 am.  Went solo since Heidi was running a little behind and was tired from the previous day.  Hopped on the 9:45 bus to downtown, grabbed the Max train to the airport.  Flight was early by 20 minutes but that was fine since I got there in plenty of time.  From there we got the rental car and I drove them back to our house, taking the Fremont bridge so they could get a good view of the city, hills, and other bridges.  We dropped off their bags and had a beer on the back deck.

From there we headed downtown to get some lunch.  First stop, Rogue brewery in the Pearl.  Had the Kobe Beef hotdog that the Willamette Week was bragging about.  Didn't think it was anything special; neither did Ryan.  We hung out at Rogue for a few hours just enjoying the afternoon sun and good beer.  One memorable beer was the Snakebite, a combo of cider and Dead Guy Ale.

Enjoying a beer at the Rogue Brewery

Next stop was OBA for happy hour.  The hostess however was weird.  We needed to wait for a table outside so she asked us for our phone number (strange thing #1).  She told us 15 minutes so we grabbed a seat at the bar.  We get a call two minutes later (strange thing #2) before we even order drinks from a phone number with an area code of 232 (strange thing #3).  Then when we go outside to grab the table she tells us someone sat down walking by without waiting in line.  How about kicking them out of the table? (strange thing #4)  We gave up and went elsewhere.

Right down from OBA is Manzana where we easily grabbed at table outside and stayed for a drink.

After Manzana came Henry's.  Ray was looking forward to Celis White.  On tap.  Along with 100+ other beers.  Ryan seemed to appreciate the ice trough along the bar and became a Hefeweizen fan by the end of the day.  They both dug the Halibut Fish & Chips, which I sill consider to be the best in town.

Old friends at Henry's

Another first timer at Henry's


It was getting dark by now and we had quite a few beers in us.  We started heading towards Old Towne and got distracted along the way.  First by the gay bar party scene happening in front of the bar with all the red lights (? name).  They had the road blocked off and were chargin $5 cover.  We could see two guys in their underwear dancing together without going in.  They got a kick out of the Portland gay scene regardless.  Another distraction, Sparticus.  Rabbit ears.  Gun oil.  Too funny.

Unique hood ornament

Distracted again into a bike bar.  We each took turns posing on the bike we weren't supposed to when the waitress wasn't looking.  Two bands played.  War Wagon was the first which didn't turn out too bad.  The following bad sucked bad...  From there, Heidi and Ryan lost wind.   Ryan falling asleep at the table and Heidi was tired as well so they grabbed a cab and Ray and I left for Voodoo donut.... which I couldn't seem to find in my condition and so we ended up at Thirsty Lion Pub where we enjoyed the weird albeit much appreciated requirement that Oregon bars have food when they sell liquor; all the way to closing time.  The home-fried chips (way good) and chicken strips were a life saver.  We had to wait 20 minutes before we caught the last running bus home so we decided to check out the strip club across the street...  the worst I've ever been to so we decided my Dad owed us $10 ($5 ea in cover) because we saved him the trouble.

Posing at the biker bar

When we got back, Ryan was fast asleep.  Long day.

Tired after a long day


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