Friday, June 23, 2006


10 years of FPS...

"Late on 22nd June 1996 Quake was uploaded to's archives in the form of 7 1.44MB floppy disk images. Though it wasn't until the 23rd that everyone realised (or at least, that's my excuse for being a day late with the news submission). Cue much aggravation on the newsgroups as eager downloaders experienced glorious 2 FPS gameplay."

Now I feel like an old fart. Seems like only yesterday I was playing that FPS game. Course it bugged the shit out of my best friend, social butterfly, and then roomate at the time, Ray, when the phone line was tied up... And this morphed into Capture the Flag (CTF), Team Fortress (TF) and league play sitting on the edge of your seat, sweating, and the exhiliration of fraggin someone else sitting behind another monitor who knows where. Yea, geek, nerd or Internet Rick as I was sometimes called. It's all good.

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