Monday, June 26, 2006

Hot Hot Hot!

Not sure where the weather came from but we've been having HOT tempuratures. 92 Sat, 101 Sun, and Forecast today is for 103. Strange thing is that it drops back down at night to the low 60's. That's a large swing. Back in MKE you would not have that typically. If it's that hot there it doesn't cool down that much unless a storm front blows in with high winds, tornado conditions, etc... At this point I can only guess the elevation and ocean have something to do with the weather pattern here. Since we don't have an A/C we spent Sun afternoon hiding out under the large tree in the backyard. Thank god it was windy. Homemade Sangria and Mojito's helped too.


I did ride some trails in the afternoon. I took a couple pics so I'll post the story abit later.

In the morning I finally got my OR drivers' license and vehicle plates.


For some reason the DMV is not open on Saturdays. Only one DMV in the entire metropolitan area is open. Lame. So the place was a madhouse with a line extending way outside the building. It took about 2 hours to get this done. Can you say government beauracracy. I jinxed myself in the DMV though. I had to take the written test for both auto and motorcycle. As I was taking the auto test a guy came up to the desk to get his results and the woman said he failed "see you next week." I giggled to myself (an slightly out loud), because it seemed the test was so easy. And it was since I passed the auto with a 90% but when I came to the motorcycle I guess I missed the finer nuances in the questions and perhaps should've slowed down. I failed with a 72% on the motorcycle. Ah well. I don't own one and I'd like to retake the course anyway since it's been over 3 years now since I've even ridden one... So I just went ahead and got the license with the auto classification only.

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