Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Update

Friday's band, Built to Spill, was ok. We left before the show even ended. The 2nd band was cool though with the xylophone or whatever it's called. The girl playing it had two sticks in each hand. Rest of the weekend was recovery on Saturday - I can't handle all the drinking anymore. Friday's dinner at Henry's was good though. The fish and chips rocks. Sunday vegged out. Currently engrossed on this game called Galactic Civ 2. Watched 'Walk the Line' Sunday. Pretty good movie. B+. Heidi and I are dying for some New Glarus beer. You can't get it anywhere but Wisconsin though! On the trip out to Oregon we tasted some of their Raspberry Tart (they use berries from Oregon) and man was it good.

Lots of stuff on the list to do, get some mtn bike races in the calendar, get the new pc spec'd and purchased, finish working on the 2nd bedroom/office area, and scope out some camping/outdoor adventure trips.

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