Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Heidi's got me hooked on Rockstar Supernova. Reality show tryouts for a rock band. One of the people on there, Storm Large, is from here in Portland. She's actually pretty good. In fact, I think it's going to come down between her and the guy from Iceland. Although I think the guy from Iceland will win I think the band would do better to have a chick like Storm fronting their band. I guess she plays around here in a band called 'Storm Large and The Balls'. Last night she had a t-shirt on that said "Got Balls?". I wonder how many other people knew what she was referring to.

Also finished watched the 3rd season of the Soprano's last night. Awesome. I was watching the first few minutes of all the episodes because I remember that they eventually took out the twin towers from the start of the show and couldn't remember when. Turns out it was the last episode, 13, from season 3 that the twin towers finally disappeared from the intro. Just in case there is ever a question in Trivial Pursuit. Know we know...

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