Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hottest Day of the Year Ride

Last weekend, Aug 6th, we did a group ride called the Hottest Day of the Year Ride. 800 riders of varying levels all got together to do a ride for charity. It was the first one. It wasn't all that hot, maybe 80-85 degrees. Sun was out and it was a beautiful day. I guess they have a Coldest Day of the Year Ride as well which is where the name must come from. You could ride a 40 miler or a 15 miler. I did the 15 miler with Heidi. We used it as a prep ride for the upcoming 30 mile Winery Tour. (there's alot of wineries out here). It was fun to see so many people out and to get a chance to ride some streets and see some different areas of Portland. At the end of the ride you got a sundae (choice of ice cream, banana, crushed peanuts, strawberries, chocolate syrup, etc) and a squirt gun. Yea, everyone was standing around having a big squirt gun fight.

Starting Line
Starting Line
Make your sundae at the end of the ride. Or get a beer right there at the Rogue Brewery
Bike parking
Check out all the bikes! Bike parking at the end of the ride...

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