Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend - Mar 23rd - 25th


It’s Moroccan food. I sort remember coming here back in 1997 with Ray when we visited Portland. You don’t sit in chairs. You sit on padded pillows basically around a table (called traditional seating) and eat with your fingers, there is no silverware. It’s a 5 course dinner and all you have to choose is the main course. We got something ‘Chicken Lemon and Olives’ and ‘Couscous Marrakesh’, which was lamb over semolina grains and vegetables. All the food was excellent and the price reasonable as well ($17.50 ea) for all that food.

Belly dancing

They also have a belly dancer that comes out to entertain you. She was better than the dancer we saw a few weeks back at Alexis. She even got the crowd into it, inviting individual women to get up and dance with her. The first girl did well, then she moved towards us and Heidi became the 2nd girl. Heidi has some good moves; she said she’s taken a couple belly dancing lessons. Time for a private show.

Morrocan food

Saturday I went a saw the movie 300. I almost walked out in the first 30 minutes because it seemed so corny. The last 1hr+ made up for it though. Once I got passed the fact that it was based on a comic book.

Sunday I rode my first XC MTB race of the season. Horning’s Hustle. I’ll save that for the next post.


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