Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Heroin Girl

Yesterday I busted ass. Let's count the trips:
  • 4 Full loads to Goodwill
  • 1 trip to paper shredding company (not a bad deal $20/100lbs of paper)
  • 1 trip to bank
  • 1 trip to CD resale shop (yea I off loaded 300+ CD's)

Needless to say it was a long day. I felt like errand boy. Started at 7 am and dropped off the last load at 6:30 pm.

I rewarded myself with dinner at P.F. Chang's and a stop at the Apple Store in Mayfair mall. I've been eyeing up an iPod for months now. I have almost 4000 songs or 30GB of music. I walked out with a 60GB black video iPod, an FM transmitter and car charger (this should help make the road trip a little more enjoyable), and a portable speaker system including S-Video hookup. I'm thinking this will work great in the hotel rooms we stay at along the way to Portland.

No one said it was going to take 8+ hours to load the iPod... it's been going since 6 am this morning and it's currently copying 2,820 of 3,869. I wonder how much a USB 2.0 hookup would speed it up?

Since the going away part part 1 I've been hooked on Everclear. Not the late 90's pop rock stuff but the stuff off their 1st 2 CD's. When Heroin Girl came on that night we all starting jamming... I know the lead singer's name is Art HowEverTheHellYouPronounceHisLastName but Heidi can say it no problem (he is from Portland - I think the whole band is for that matter). In another post I'll have to cover all the Oregonisms for pronounciations. BTW, it's not OregOn it's Oragin or as I saw on a bumper sticker out there 'Orygun'.

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