Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rock star night

Last night we had a going away party Part 1 at my friend Ryan's house. Started it off with a little red wine and food. Chicken and venison cooked on the grill all masterfully prepared by our late arriving chef Chris. Afer that we jammed tunes and played ship-captain-crew, 6-5-4, or whatever your local custom calls the dice game. The dice needed to stay on the board and many a yellow flag was thrown for stray dice tosses - one even landing in someone's drink. Things went pretty well for Ray and I and we both walked away with some pocket change thanks to Ryan and Chris.

It also gave me a chance to visit Woodstock, IL one last time, including DC Cobbs, the local bar hangout. I did get a chance to see Ian, the old frontman for a band we used to follow around called Charging Hoses. A quick google only found me this old CD - although I could've sworn that they had a song that got released on a soundtrack - I guess I could be thinking of Bender. Ian and his new band were playing tunes to keep us occupied whilst drinking pitchers of Blue Moon.

I actually had more fun just playing ship-captain-crew and hanging with all my old friends then going to the bar. The smoking thing really bothers my eyes these days. It was a fun night even though I didn't get to bed until 4 am.

I'm looking forward to checking out the local band scene in Portland, OR. I wonder if they have any dice games out there?

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