Monday, January 23, 2006

Ice fishing

Danielle and I stopped in Lake Geneva on our way back from the party Sunday morning. That got me thinking about Lake Geneva and how some old friends taught me how to windsurf on that Lake. Crystal clear water, spring fed, extremely deep - I have nothing but good memories of that lake.

The locals, and I did live there for 2 years, all also know what a resort town it is - especially for Illinois folk that drive up from Chicagoland. The population is like 10,000 in the winter but balloons to like 30,000 in the summer months it seems like. There's a large number of restaurants because of that and one good breakfast joint is amazingly called Scuttlebutt's. They're known for their Swedish pancakes. That also got me to thinking about something I take for granted and that is seeing frozen lakes. I don't think I'll be seeing much of that in Portland. Not to mention that droves of ice fishermen who sit out on the ice for hours at a time in their huts. I've heard of huts being pretty decked out with heat and TV. So for posterity sake here's some shots of the locals fishing on Lake Geneva.

Yea that's open water on the horizon in the shot below... every year a few people drown falling through the ice or their vehicle falls through the ice - I also hear it's darn expensive. The Wisco DNR fines you each day and you have to pay to get it removed - sometime via helicopter.

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