Monday, January 30, 2006


Well it's 11PM CST and we just arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Population not sure but not alot - Heidi says 50,000 over my shoulder. We could see the lights from Denver reflecting off the cloud cover. Neither of us realized Denver was so close to Wyoming. We drove almost 650 miles today from Des Moines to Cheyenne - driving clear across the exciting state of Nebraska. We did make a couple of stops. Once to eat - you have to have a steak when you're Nebraska - and it was very good. We also stopped to take a look at the stars - Heidi's idea, and very good one at that. As soon as we got off interstate 80 it was gravel road and pitch black. Must be a new moon. Anyway we are headed to the hot tub and both kind of exhausted so more to come later and pics as well - later.