Friday, February 03, 2006


Well Heidi and I arrived in Portland yesterday. Again - I don't have much time to type since I'm using a internet enabled PC at the local library. We took lots of pictures and I have some stories to share. I did my bike first ride in Portland today. The first 2 miles were pretty easy even though I was riding up a very large hill. It overlooked the city and was beautiful. And it wasn't even raining :) So feeling confident I figured I would try this second hill. It wasn't a hill really because it had warning signs about cars needing tire chains. I don't know what the % grade was. We'll just call it ass-kick-grade. I had to stop 4 times to catch my breath and the lactic acid was building in my legs so fast I felt like they were on fire. I couldn't even make it to the top of the hill. It just kept climbing and climbing. The weather was 50ish and I figured I'd be cold but I was a little warm, I was probably over dressed. It started raining on the way home but it actually felt good. Time for some Sushi with Heidi!

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