Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fix a flat and 1st Race

I forgot to mention that I flatted on the way back from Vancouver about 2 hours into the ride from this little bad boy next to the bottle of Corona – nice screw!.


I was kind of out in no-man's land I thought and had even phoned in to Heidi that I needed a lift. I had walked about 1/8 of a mile when a roadie stopped and gave me a new tube. I don't think he was commuting since he had no bags and was in a full navy and white Specialized kit. While I was changing the tube out another biker passed and offer the usual "Everything ok?" So I guess bikers are friendly out here.

I stopped at Performance yesterday to buy a couple tubes, tire levers, and a portable pump so I don’t get caught like that again [if you’re reading this thanks Mom!  I finally used those gift certificates you gave me 1.5 years ago!].  They can be a little pricey but it’ll work for the short term.

I also stopped in another bike store to have my mtn bike worked on.  The guy writing up the service ticket was very cool.  He moved out here from Michigan about 7 years ago and loves it here.  Says the mountain biking is awesome.  More hills.  But your riding through a friggin rain forest!  It appears that it’s a little less organized compared to the whole WORS circuit thing but I got the feeling that they like it that way when he started mentioning grabbing beers after the races.  I think I’ll fit right in since that’s the way our crew operated back in the Midwest.  Laid back.  Sounds like the races are more individual and not strung together into a series.  Apparently the site to check all the stuff out on is Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA).  It also sounded like road racing is a little more popular than mountain biking but that cyclocross has them both beat.  This is much different than back in the Midwest.  There’s a pretty full schedule on the site.  I think I’ll try my first race – the 20th Peak Sports Muslinger – on March 26th – 4 weeks away!  Looks like it’s being held in the Coastal Range in a small town called Blodgett, OR.  Funny how they not only mention the course distance but also the feet.  That must be the feet of climbing!  I think I’ll try sport to begin with – 21 miles and 2800 ft of climbing.


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