Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cheaper Gas?

I still don't have internet access hooked up at home yet. The new flat panel monitor, keyboard and mouse arrive today though so not long now! Heidi and I have been very busy as well unpacking and finding a place for everything. I find it amazing that she values my input on deciding how to organize some things - like furniture location, etc. She also surprised me by taking the digital camera and getting some photo's developed from our trip, then gave me a frame with a couple photo's of us to put on my desk at work! It's nice to have a geek for a girlfriend.

Cheaper gas? That's right. Oregon has cheaper gas than Wisconsin. I figured the liberal state of Oregon would have more taxes on gas than Wisconsin but I guess not. Today is the first day I have to buy diesel gas here in the NW. Check out this site. It also helped me find a station to buy diesel from. Note that it's even cheaper to buy gas in the state of Washington!

RankStateGas $

I see putting a table in here messes up the formatting... nice.

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