Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's a little wet...

I rode in to work today.  19 miles one way.  Takes 1:20.  Burned over 1,000 calories.  It rained the whole way.  I was fine warmth wise and the rain wasn’t pouring just a light rain or sprinkle but spending over an hour in it gets you wet.  Things I learned:

  1. Wrap your clothes in plastic or bags otherwise you look like you pee'd your pants.  Yep.  I got to work, pulled my clothes out of the pannier and my pants were wet because the rain had soaked through in spots.  So most of the pant leg was dry accept right around my crotch.  Nice.
  2. Bring some extra socks and gloves.  They’re wet.  And now I’m going to have to put on my wet socks and gloves for the ride home which is not going to be pleasant.

Otherwise I planned pretty well.  I carried an extra backpack today to bring in some extra hangers so I could hang things to dry them out.  You might be also interested to know that my office doesn’t have a shower.  That’s right I rode over and hour and then didn’t take a shower.  But I betcha I looked funny in the bathroom, washing my hair in the sink, and wiping my body down with a hand towel.  I also used these anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down my whole body and get me smelling “fresh and clean as whistle” (queue Old Spice commercial).  I actually don’t feel gross so I think this will work.

I should also mention that I’ve been meaning to post the picture of my going away party but that I’ve been hemming-and-hawing over a good website to host it on and/or do it on my own site http://www.mketopdx.com.  I did actually upload them to Kodak’s EasyShare Gallery and it did a nice job, let’s you create a photo album, let’s friends/family purchase photo’s, etc.  But… I’m kind of a geek – I don’t like being told how to do something when I know there’s other ways.  Kodak forces viewers to log in, only uploads via their client, I have to email myself to get the darn link to the album or else email everyone through there interface etc. etc…  I don’t like that.  So I’ve been doing some hunting and I ran across Flickr.  And actually it’s been getting some hot reviews.  You can print or pickup your photo’s at Target.  The photo browsing and searching is phenomenal.  The photo slide show is awesome as well.  I’ve used Flickr in the past to host a couple of images that I used on a forum but it’s gone through quite an upgrade lately and looks like it’s recently been purchased by Yahoo.  So I think I’m going to use that and see how it works.  I’ll post the link to the photo’s later.

Tonight Heidi and I are headed to a Fat Tuesday festival on the North side of Portland.  Someday I’ll have to give you a breakdown on how the city is structured into these 4 quadrants.  NW, SW, NE, SE and all the roads revolve around that naming convention.

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