Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You’re a rockstar for biking in that crap

I noticed Apple released a sound system that integrates with your iPod called iPod Hi-Fi.  Hello Yesterday.  Remote control, portability via AC or DC power, great sound, charges your iPod … all those features are in the Altec Lansing inMotion Portable Audio Boombox I bought back in January for $100.

I got a complement today.  “You’re a rockstar for biking in that crap.”  I’ll take that as a compliment coming from someone from the Pacific NW.  Yesterday as I left work to ride home it started raining.  As I shot out of the building I thought “it’s raining pretty hard for out here”.  Well my co-workers were watching from the window on the fourth floor and said it was actually hailing.  Hey – I’m from Milwaukee/Chicago… where’s the snow?  The ride home was more difficult because of all the climbing.  I’ve never really had to deal with climbing like this.  Elevation is really a factor out here.  It’s not back in the midwest where you simply crest a hill and keep going – you crest a hill here and then the next one comes along and before you know it you look back and you’re looking into a valley you just rode up.  I think I might have to change my chainring.  I find myself constantly looking for a lower gear sometimes when riding a hill and my Cyclocross bike just doesn’t have any more lower gears to give to me so I end up spinning a lower cadence and struggling up the hill… so in total it was 38 miles round trip and about 2500 calories.  I wish I had the total elevation/altitude – some day I’m going to get me that Garmin GPS unit.

Kevin and my Dad will appreciate this.  Check this out.  World of Warcraft Scores 6 Million.  If that’s true and they charge $14.99 / mo – what the heck does a gaming company do with $90 million a month?  For those of you that don’t game there’s plenty of games out there that hardly ever scratch the surface of making that kind of money.  So in one year – a single game from a single company pulls down 1 Billion.  Yea but you’re right.  Gaming is just a small niche thing that geeks do… whatever.

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