Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another nice weekend...

Here's just some random thoughts...

  • There's a crack in my windshield... it was loud when I heard something bounce off it. I looked around wondering where the sound came from and that's when I noticed the 2 inch circular crack in my windshield. I was driving next to a truck on I-5 at the time - but that may or may not be the cause because I honestly never really saw the object. Hopefully this Windshield Glass Repair Kit will fix it.
  • I won't be riding in the mtn bike race this weekend because there's a couple of pits in my front fork... I need to get the uppers replaced and they have to order some new parts. In hindsight, since I'm now up to $400+ in repairs, and since it was never really leaking oil I am regretting having brought the damn bike in for a tune-up. I really need to figure out how to do more than just change tires, tighten bolts, and oil the chain.
  • I've been off the bike now for quite some time because I have no tires for the commute and no mtn bike... I suppose I should quite crying and ride on my road tires bought I can't seem to find the motivation to shred another pair of tires.
  • Sunny and in the 50's on Saturday and Sunday. It's been typical Oregon weather yesterday and today (very very light rain or none at all). We went to this Italian restaurant, Piazza Italia, on Sunday. The food was excellent and atmosphere was very cool. The people in there were speaking Italian - showing off if you ask me - but it was cool. Although I've never been to Italy - I'm hoping that this must be what it is like.
  • Watched 8 hours of Soprano's this weekend. We came up with the novel idea of catching up to the current season (which is 6 btw) by watching all the prior seasons' via Netflix. I promptly added the DVD's to my queue. All 5 seasons at 4 discs per season and 4 episodes per disc. I did the math later... (5 x 4 x 4 = 80). Yea. That's 80 friggin hours! We're only 1/2 the way through the first season and we are already getting tired... I must say though that we both agreed that even though the first season is old (1999) it is very good. It's not like one of those shows that takes a couple seasons to get good. This is good from the start.

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