Friday, March 17, 2006

Aladdin Theater

Fun night at the Aladdin last night watching a taping of a live radio show called Live Wire. The show consisted of a group of people that did comedy skits in front of microphones and in-between they would spend 10-15 minutes introducing different acts. Kind of like watching an old Jim Hensen muppet show episode. They even had mock balconies overlooking the stage that I mentioned to Heidi would've been funny if they put the two old guys up there cracking jokes. As for the venue it was basically a theater stage - very similar to old theaters back in Milwaukee and Chicago were you might go see a play or opera or as in most cases - a live band. Ray and I have seen Tesla, Drivin' n' Cryin', and kick a$$ bands like Hollyfaith that no one has ever heard about in venues like this. Most of the crowd was 30+. They served beer, wine, pizza, homemade sweets, and clif bars. All good stuff and for a reasonable price. Only $10 for the show and it lasted just over 2 hours. They record the show as a podcast (mp3 file you can download and listen too) and then replay it over the air on Oregon Public Radio - or you can go to the website to download and listen to the show. It was so good in fact that I'm already looking forward to going to the next one - looks like almost every month they have em. I should mention that one of the acts was a 2 guys on guitar - M. Ward. They were very good. Oh and Happy St. Patrick's day. Too bad they don't dye the rivers green here.... Edit [2006-03-20]: One thing I forgot to mention is that we headed to this place called Bernie's Southern Bistro afterwards. They had awesome fried chicken (boneless skinless breast - can cut it with a fork it was so tender) and homemade mac n' cheese. Mmmm...

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