Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sigur Ros

I'm excited because we are going to see Sigur Ros here in Portland in 6 weeks on May 4th!


Sigur Ros is a band from Iceland (seriously) that I got hooked on last year. The album I got hooked on, () is untitled, has no lyrics, he does sing but his voice is more of a musical instrument and the lryics are called 'Hopelandic'. One of the songs was featured in the movie Vanilla Sky - and since the song hadn't been recorded yet - it was actually a live version used for a movie - you don't see that very often in this day of production value, cookie cutter, sit in a sound studio and have your music 'perfected' type of music - bleh. Anyway - their new album, Takk..., came out in fall of 2005 and is almost as good - lyrics are in Icelandic so if you're only into certain types of music this may not be your thing. If you're interested in checking them out - check out the videos on their website - and for my buddies back home, they're going to be in Chicago on May 9th and Milwaukee on May 10th.

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