Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Beach

Last weekend (Mar 3rd & 4th) Heidi and I spent the weekend at the Salishan resort along the Pacific coast. Fireplace in the room, nice king size bed, room service breakfast...

Some interesting things.

  • Ran into a group of seals while walking along the beach. IMG_0582
  • Houses are not far from falling into the ocean because it is eroding the shoreline. IMG_0591
  • The houses seem to be built on sand! IMG_0590
  • Heidi keeps alot of travel sized tissues in her glove compartment. IMG_0586
  • There's basically saying you're going to die if you go in the water. IMG_0587
  • The ?kelp? looks like a giant whip from Indiana Jones movies and feels like a piece of rubber - it's squishy (like that word?). IMG_0593
  • They still clear cut the forest in some areas and it's ugly when they do that. IMG_0596
  • Met a strange guy at a local watering hole on Sat night who bragged about his son and his money, recommended a great place to eat on Sunday and then we saw him walking down the main highway hitchhiking the next day - huh? IMG_0599
  • Had some great Chai Tea (I'm getting hooked on this stuff...) at the Clipper Ship Coffee Co. They use a mix made by Big Train. Beats Starbucks by a long shot. Highly recommended IMG_0611

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