Monday, March 27, 2006



Thursday we went to see Train. I have to admit that I only knew maybe 1 or 2 songs and to be honest if I heard one of em play on the radio I'd probable change the station. However, you never know what to expect from a live performance and as I've said before - you never know just how good an opening act is going to be. We started the night off by meeting up with one of Heidi's friends, Barb, who had picked up the tickets and surprised Heidi by buying them off craigslist for us. Barb is really cool and has quite a social network from what I understand - we met up with her before the Aerosmit/Kravitz show as well. Just like that night we started of the night at a pre-party gig at some dudes apartment. The place was in this old house that has a few apartments in it. It was on the top floor and I liked the non-symetrical layout.


The show was at the Crystal Ballroom. This was a cool venue and reminded me alot of Rave and other small venues back in Milwaukee/Chicago. Old theater/ballroom which is actually located on the 2nd floor above the restaurant - which is a McMenamins (do they own all the cool venues here or what...) Since it was an all ages show - everyone was in the same room, but unlike other shows I've been too, they not only stamped you as being overage but seperated you using barriers from the younger crowd. And there wasn't that much of a younger crowd. I'd say a good majority were 30+.


The Ballroom has this large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.


Missy Higgins was great. I'd go see her again.


The watering hole closest to where we were standing only had Pale Ale and PBR... I was forced to going showing my Milwaukee side and chose the PBR. Other stands on the floor had better beer but the damn place was packed - and I mean like people shoulder to shoulder - if you moved you lost your spot. I didn't use the bathroom until the end of the night. Funny thing is that were so damn friendly here... they let people cut up in front of them and I'm like "WTF?"


I have to say that although he has a good voice, it's a little high pitched - he did a good cover of Led Zep and Aerosmith song. Other than that I wouldn't go see these guys again unless there was some good reason for doing something else whilst you were there. I also thought it was weird that the final song was an Aerosmith one - why not do one of your own songs? There were alot of women in the crowd - at least 50/50 - that's not the norm at most shows in Milwaukee/Chicago... either that or maybe it was because it was Train. I also had a couple different women order drinks for me because I couldn't reach the darn bar and I didn't want to give up my spot - again proving how nice the people were to pass the beer and $ back and forth.

  • Missy Higgins - 4/5 stars
  • Train - 2/5 stars
  • Crystal Ballroom - 4/5 stars

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