Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Random Stuff

  • Heidi is donating blood today. I think this is the second time since we've been together (7 months now /raise_eyebrows). Pretty impressive. I don't think most people have given blood since High School where it was a good excuse to get out of class and show off with your smiley face sticker or cause a big drama scene and act all light-headed.
  • Results got posted from the race monday night. Looks like I took 13th out of 48 riders. A co-worker just told me that the rider that took 3rd in the Men's Pro, Molly Cameron, is now a girl. Well a guy that has gone through a transformation to be a girl and is being forced to ride amongst the men. Interesting.
  • Anybody watch any soccer over the weekend? Ok I'm not a huge fan but I jumped on the bandwagon. Saturday I watched Germany win the 3rd place match and then on Sunday Heidi and I headed downtown to watch the World Cup Final between Italy and France.
    Portland Pioneer Place - World Cup Soccer 2006    
    Check out the crowd at Pioneer Place in downtown Portland
    Portland Pioneer Place - World Cup Soccer 2006    
    Showing the match on the big screen provided by Comcast
    And what about the headbutt administered by Zidane? Check it out!
    Zidane headbutt

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