Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chicago style pizza?

IMG_1115So Thursday after work I decided to hit up a joint on the way home called BJ's Pizza and Grill.  Heidi was going out with one of her girlfriends so I thought I'd see how this place was.  They billed themselves as Chicago style pizza.  They brew their own beer and they're also a chain.  All locations on the west coast though.  Got there before happy hour ended so $2 beer and 1/2 price personal pizza.  Chicago style... NOT.  A deep dish Chicago style pizza usually involves 1 large sausage patty that covers the entire top of the pizza.  One of the most famous is Gino's East.  Usually you can only eat one slice.  Hence the name and having 1 piece of "pie".  Now if you are going to bill yourself as Chicago Pizza don't you think you should do it right or don't do it?  Maybe it's the name.  Chicago 'style' or 'essense' of Chicago.  The beer was good but I won't be back for the pizza.  I'm also still looking for a place that has Italian Beefs...

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