Friday, September 01, 2006

Spa night, Trailer parks, and the High Desert

Monday night I treated Heidi to a couples massage.  Included was 30 mimutes of massage and then 30 minutes in the sauna and/or jazuzzi.  Never really done it before but I figured if she can ride 45 miles then I can go to a spa. 

The place was pretty cool.  One private room with a massage table and a door to a huge bathroom with a shower, sink, toilet, jacuzzi and sauna.  While one of us got a massage the other got to enjoy the bathroom toys.

Not much else going on this week.  Took Friday off for a 4 day Labor-day weekend.  We are going out to camp and see Dave Matthews on the eastern side of the Washington (Heidi is a huge fan).  I'm betting that's going to be like one huge dead-head concert.

I built a poor man's bike cabinet outside.  The house is only 800 square feet with no garage.  So where do you put the bikes?  I had em inside but it was getting cramped.  So I mounted em against the side of the house and covered em with a tarp.  Yep and before ya' know it we'll be moving into a trailer park...  Next year we'll hopefully invest in a nice shed.

So the weekend before last, that'd be two weeks ago, we went camping out at the Prineville Resevouir.  What's really cool about Oregon is the different climates.  You got rain-forest, ocean, mountains, and on the eastern side of the mountains you got the high desert.  So I camped in the high desert.  It was very Arizona-ish.  Not Phoenix but alot like the Prescott area that my Mom lives near.

These first two shots are using the camera's built in stitching.

Prineville Resevoir At Sunrise
Prineville Resevoir At Sunset

These next three are an experiment using normal shots and then using a 3rd party stitching program, called autostitch, to put them together. This allows any camera to do landscapes or large shot pictures. I think I like them better. The program is a little rough around the edges because you have to run it from the command line but it does a good job. I also think I like having the black areas around the picture where you can see that multiple photo's where stitched together.

Prineville Resevoir At Sunset 1
Prineville Resevoir At Sunset 2
Prineville Resevoir At Sunset 3

Anyway, time to run. We're off to Dave Matthews. Took Friday off to enjoy the weekend. It's beautiful out right now...

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