Monday, September 11, 2006

Recharge the batteries

Took it easy and hung around the house this weekend. 

Did some gaming.  Finished F.E.A.R. (FPS)  Completed the first campaign (1/5) in HOMM (turned-based strategy).  Tried the demo of Company of Heroes (WW2 RTS) which comes out tomorrow (Tuesday 9/12). 

Opening weekend football on Sunday.  This was one of those times where you notice you live on the west coast now.  Football is on at 10 am.  With the pre-game there's no more waiting for game-time.  It's on from rise to rest.  Went out to a local pub, Macadam Grill, for bloody mary bar and brunch and watch all the games.  Another thing that's funny out here is that you'd expect to have a bunch of Seattle fans.  Not so.  Many people that live here are transplants.  Plus there's no real 'Pro' team.  So at the pub there were all sorts of different jersey's.  Browns.  Vikings.  Chiefs.  And of course a 4 girls with Packers shirts.  I talked to one of them at the bloody marry bar.  They were from Green Bay and moved here a few years back.  I told her I just moved from Milwaukee and she gave me some names of some local bars that are Packer hangouts that also have authentic fish fry's, including fresh water fish.  Of course I had to mention that I was a Bears fan.  And my heart was so saddened to have the Bears shutout the Packers in the season opener (/kidding of course).  I can just imagine the gloom around the Harley offices on Monday...

It was also really wierd to have football on before you even get off work! I know it was a Monday night double-header but to have a game on at 4PM? Hey, guess that's a reason to hit up happy hour!

One thing that is cool around this area is that even though you "aren't from around here" you never here that.  Everyone welcomes you.  Even though I spent the last 10 years living in Wisco I would still never be considered "from around here" back there.  I think it's alot like that in the central/eastern states.  It just seems less... entrenched here.  It's hard to describe.


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