Monday, April 24, 2006

Friday Night = Celis White

With tickets in hand to go see Pink Martini at the Crystal Ballroom we left the house thinking it was going to be a nice date. While it was a very nice date night, it also ended up being a late Saturday morning sleep in (well we didn't get up until noon the next day) with a huge hangover...

We decided to have dinner at Henry's. I had forgotten that we went to this same place for Heidi's birthday back in December when I came out to visit. I took a picture of the name of a street in the parking garage. One interesting thing is the parking garage is actually all underground and actually spans streets. So you can actually walk right underneath on the streets with cars on it above you. I took a picture of Couch street because of the way they pronounce it here... it pronounced 'Kooch'... not couch like your living room furniture. Wierd.


Henry's turned out to be the surprise of the evening.


The photo sucks but take a look at their beer list! 2 pages in fine print. All of them on tap.


And low and behold but the beer of all beers. Celis White! Ray is going to be jealous! We used to drink this beer back in the day all the time and loved it. Then one day we stopped finding it. It didn't seem like anyone carried it nor could you go to a bar and drink it. So here it is!!!!


The other really cool thing about this bar was they had this ice block on the counter that circled the bar (the bar was shaped like a rectangle in the middle of the room). So no matter how much beer was left in your glass or how slow you drank; it stayed nice and cold!


I had their fish and chips (chips = fries... what are we in the UK here?). Yea out here it's called fish and chips versus 'Da Fish Fry' back in Wisco. Also you won't be finding any perch or walleye. Halibut seems to be the fish of choice and damn was it good here, especially the batter.

Pink Martini was playing at the Crystal Ballroom. They're a pretty good relaxing band. Think big jazz with a great female singer. Of course there was good McMenamins beer to consume. Only $5.00 for 20 oz. Compare that to $6 bucks for Miller products at the Rave in Wisco. My drink of choice at the McMenamins Breweries is the Rubinator (half filled with Ruby and half with Terminator Stout) - Heidi prefers the straight Ruby. Although the band was great. We started getting a little tired and so left just before the end of the show to beat the crowd. Once we were outside we felt refreshed. Heidi felt like dancing and so we decided to go to Bettie Ford (my second time there). This is probably where we should've stopped the night. Although we had fun dancing, we starting drinking cocktails - vodka with soda's. Also we both kind of felt after talking later that we had outgrown the meatmarket atmosphere here... anyway. The next morning we paid for our consumption. I woke up at 8am - downed some aspirin to placate the headache and when I next looked at the clock it was Noon... ah well. Another fun night in Portland.

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