Monday, April 24, 2006

Saturday Afternoon

Doesn't the saying go "beer before liquor gets you sicker"? Can't believe we slept until noon. Not sit in bed having conversation ... literally woke up at noon. I never usually get a headache either. Mental note - no vodka after beer...

Heidi left soon after we woke to go to Eugene. A very good friend of hers is going through a tough time. Her father was diagnosed with brain cancer and given like a year to live... very sad.

I spent the early afternoon finishing up the work on the spare bedroom wall that now has shelves and a counter top for a desk along it. I failed to take a "before" photo so I won't post an "after" photo. I think it turned out really good and it was nice to collaborate together and see the work being completed.

I went for a ride in the late afternoon. I have been mentioning the view of Mt. Hood from here. It's about 75 miles east of Portland. I took a couple shots during my ride down into the city. This one is with no zoom. Hard to believe your looking out across 75 miles.


This one is from the same spot but zoomed in a bit.


I also stopped down at the riverwalk area down near the Willamette River which passes straight through downtown Portland. I wanted to get a shot of these Dragon Boats I've been seeing on the way to work but I didn't see any while I was down there. I explain more on that later...


I also rode past the infamous Bettie Ford


I'm still kind of lost riding around downtown but it's fun to check things out and see where you end up.

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