Monday, April 24, 2006

Saturday Night...

Rather then heading straight to the party I decided to check out Live Wire again. Specifically because one of the musical guests was none other then Art Alexakis the lead singer from Everclear.

I had a good seat. 3rd row. He seemed like a really laid back cool guy that you could sit back and have a beer with. He sang two songs. The show is in two parts, theres a 10 minute intermission after the first hour and you can go buy food or drinks. He played an acoustic version of one of the new songs coming up in the new Everclear album due out this fall during the first half of the show (yes a new Everclear album!). Then in the second half of the show he played an acoustic version of Wonderful. The other musical guest was The Minus 5. The bass player is from R.E.M.

Chuck Barris, who created game shows like The Gong Show, and The Newlywed Game was also a guest. He came out and sand a song with The Minus 5.

I also really enjoyed listening to this Slam Poet named Taylor Mali. He had the crowd cheering. I'm not into poetry and this really wasn't like a poem you'd read in school. It was more like a short story. Very good and inspiring too. He had a lot of nice things to say about teachers.

One thing about Live Wire is its attached to Oregon Public Radio it can get a little left-wingish during the show as they rip on the President or talk about how great and progressive they think they are... but all in all its a very good live show, with great beer, and good food and I cant wait to go the next one in May.

After that I headed out to this party for one of Heidi's & Jenn's friends that just turned 30. Jenn's husband Pat and his band played but they were done when I arrived and were doing karaoke. It was in this smokey dive bar called Wynne's Cafe & Spirits. The bartender was the worst... it took her forever to get your drinks and there was hardly anyone in the darn place.

I was hungry and still feeling the booze from the Friday night so I cut out around 1:30 am since the party was dying anyway and went to this restaurant that Pat recommended called the Original Hotcake and Steak House. Open 24 hours. Man this was good food for 2 am. You basically stood in line and placed your order while watching the short order cook work his magic. It was run by a couple of old guys doing the cooking and working the register. Pretty close to what a diner would be. Since its so close to Heidi's I can see myself hitting that after a night out... like we should've on Friday.

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