Monday, April 24, 2006


Another beautiful day here. 77°. Sunny with not a cloud in the sky. Woke up nice and slow, had some blueberry pancakes, leveled the lock to 37 and then headed outside to enjoy the weather. Did another easy hour on the bike today. Toured some more of downtown.

I stopped while heading into downtown to take a couple shots of Mount St. Helens. Heres a shot without any zoom.


Next shot I zoomed in abit. Check out all the bridges. Thats the Willamette River snaking through downtown Portland. Sometimes I need to pinch myself because there is all this beautiful scenery on the horizon and sometimes while youre riding and training you have a tendency to look down or ahead; and rightly so, you don't want to crash. But it's nice to slow down sometimes and take in the day...


Like take this guy painted all silver and standing on a box outside I forget what store. Am I in New Orleans?... these guys are all over there. When I first approached he was doing a statue pose, then he pulled out some glass globes and started spinning them in this shot. He had attracted quite a crowd. Note the Starbucks across the street... you cannot escape these things.


A little further north right in the city is the Portland Beavers baseball stadium. No thats not a typo yes they are called the Beavers. Portland doesnt have a pro team and this is the minor league. Thursdays are called thirsty Thursdays beer is half off and I guess its pretty fun Im looking forward to checking it out. Ive been to a few Milwaukee Brewers games and I was always more impressed with how the small minor league teams treated the fans.


On the way home I snapped this shot of the hill so you could get an idea of the elevation change and climbing required to get home.


Sometimes I'm stuck between feelings of being impressed and then feelings of thinking "Man thats really foolish" when I see where they put these houses...


I probably shouldnt have posted all these shots of a sunny day in Portland... I mean really it just rains here all the time and you should never think of visiting or coming out here to live. Its just terrible. Really.

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