Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cold ride, beautiful sunrise


It was a cold ride in to work Tuesday morning. 45. Not as cold as it's going to get back home though. It's harder getting up when it's dark outside. Makes it easy to say... "nah I don't feel like it". That's what happened to me last week. Skipped riding the whole week. This week is a different story. Since I've somehow gained 10 pounds since moving out here I feel commited now to getting that weight back off. I can definately tell when I ride.

Mt Hood at sunrise overlooking the Columbia river. This is the view from atop of the I-5 Bridge.

Mt Hood at sunrise

So I'm wondering what to do about the cold feet... Sure I have booties. Those are OK but sometimes my feet still get cold. I could wrap my feet in a plastic bag then put the booties on. Or also put when of those heat packets on the top of my foot, then put the bootie on. But that feels so wasteful. Throw away two packets everytime I ride in the winter months? I wonder if a pair of winter/cold weather cycling shoes would do it? They are expensive and only a couple of manufactures make them though. SIDI makes a pair. Amazon has em. My size (43) well.

Kind of blurry but there's what's left of Mt. St. Helen's on the horizon there to the left (North) as you're going of the Columbia on the I-5...



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