Sunday, October 08, 2006

Book Review: Already Dead

Already Dead by Charlie Huston - A-

It's been a long time since I read a book. Don't think I've made time since the last one I finished in July. I guess that's not very long but it seems like a long time.

I poured myself into this one. The reading was light and easy. It's also about vampires and this is October and Halloween is on it's way so there you are... I got the shipment from Amazon with a couple books in it on Wednesday night. I picked up the book Thursday night to read it and, without trying too hard, had it read by today, Sunday.

It's a rated R novel. Beware. And if you don't like vampire stories, beware. The main character, Joe, is a detective sort of. And a vampire. He lives in New York. I find the story of how the author explains the vampire exists to be kind of interesting and that keeps me going until the actually story of why I'm reading about this particular vampire kicks in. I have only read one other vampire book. Interview with a Vampire. Long before it was a movie actually. I actually read all of Anne Rice's books in the Vampire Chronicles series up to #5 Memnoch the Devil.

Anyway, good book. Not a top ten. Maybe a top ten for vampire books though. We'll see. Next I'm going to tackle The Historian.

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