Monday, October 23, 2006

Oregon is Skateboarding Mecca

Just got done watching a DVR'd episode of Oregon Field Guide (episode 1803). I guess Oregon is the Skateboarding mecca. People come here from Hawaii, California, and around the world to skate here. Primarily because of the concrete skate parks. It all started with a park built illegally under the Burnside Bridge. My buddy at work has mentioned he used to skate there. I guess guys carrying concrete bags built the place so they could skate even when it was raining and to this day it's still squating on the land but the city lets it be. Even towns with small populations, like Burns, Oregon with less than 2,000 people have concrete skate parks. The guys that build the parks now go all over the world to build them. The coolest part was watching guys skate down Mt. Tabor slalom style - now that looked like fun.

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