Monday, October 16, 2006

Lazy Weekend

Heidi went to Sisters, OR to visit a childhood friend for the weekend and I proceeded to have a nice lazy weekend.

I caught up on my Lost episodes. 16 of em. Well if you count the 2 for this season that's 18 episodes in total. It sounds crazy (maybe it is) but it wasn't that hard. Ever drink beer and watch football all Sunday? Anyway. Kevin, if you're reading, we have some talking to do...

Heidi spent the majority of Sunday napping (I did join in for abit) so I got pretty deep into the The Historian. It was a slow start but it's getting really good now. Maybe it was more because i was reading like 2 pages at a time before passing out right before bed. What a nasty guy Vlad the Impaler was. Cool.


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