Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend Update

I guess I was feeling 'midwestern'.  Check out the food I ate.  Friday we went out for dinner at Cheesecake factory.  They have a kick butt meatloaf with mashed potatoes.  Heidi went down to visit her parents Sat and Sun.  Sat night I cooked up some London Broil with mashed taters.  Sunday morning it was hashbrowns, bacon, eggs.  And then Sunday night it was pork loin... with mashed taters.  I think I have my quota of mashed taters in for awhile.  I also think I'm picking up a new hobby.  Cooking.  I guess if you like to eating it's a natural progression.

Did some gaming.  Company of Heroes - completed the campaign - it was 15 missions.  Awesome game.  I also did some  online play.  2 wins 2 loses.  Also played some F.E.A.R. online for some fast and furious FPS action.

It was great watching the Chicago Bears trounce the Seahawks 37-6 on Sunday!  Heidi even tried rooting for her home team... which was cute but wasn't helping because the Bears just kept scoring points.  It's great to finally see the offense helping out the defense.  Hopefully things will keep up and it'll be a great season.

Got 80 miles on the bike last week.  Let's see if I can keep it up.  It hasn't started raining yet although I'm waiting for the impending doom they keep predicting.  This time of year is my favorite.  Fall.  Football.  Halloween.  My B-Day.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.


Captain Naughty said...

Yeah---I just pounded down 2 chilli cheese dogs + onions along with cris-cut fried taters! Wo Hey!!!! Gettin ready for Pub Crawl!

Captain Naughty said...

It's been a while since I posted---I have a hard time remembering what the hell my user name and password is. I guess you can consider yourself lucky---I finally put a link on my laptop and I happened to be on the road for work and got pretty shit faced that night--I find that I get real creative after a few---I might of wrote some real nasty shit!!!!!

Rick Glos said...

haha... good to see you're keeping your training routine up. Hope those chili cheese dogs had a couple beers to wash em down.